Amiibo Tracker

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One trade day - 21st April 2016

The spreadsheet dynamically updates as each card list is updated. The top right shows when anything was last changed.
The owned column is my own collection. If there is a zero it means I do not have it. Pending means I have traded with someone and am waiting for it in postage.

The extras list has any extra cards available for sale or trade. There should at least be a 1 in the owned column before extras are here.

All extra cards are unused and are placed in a 3 ring folder with Ultra PRO Platinum Series Hologram 9-pocket pages.

There are 4 known series with each series consisting of 100 cards. The first 17 cards of each series are special while the rest are normal.
Special cards have holographic dots and will show 'SP' in the top left corner.


Contact me for trades.

Online ads for trading have now finished, thank you to all who I have traded with.


Entire formatting has been made by me. If you would like a copy to help keep track of your own set let me know.
Card list exported from the official Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Catalogue where you can download a CSV.

You can also easily track Amiibo with My Game Collection. Which is free to use but worth supporting the developer and purchasing the pro version.